Where You Have Walked

 Your future is about the path you have traveled and the life you have lived. It’s about who you chose to be yesterday, who you chose to be today, and who you chose to be tomorrow. Remember, what lies behind you is just as important as what lies ahead of […]

Hearing The Voice Of God?

This podcast goes out all over the world and into many different countries. Many pastors, preachers, prophets have faltered recently because instead of hearing God’s words they heard God’s voice. They leaned on what has worked for them all these years, what has been tried and tested. They know the […]

What Do I Do With This, Again?

Today I want to talk about remembering, And the power that comes from It.  Ever work at a repetitive job? Where you do the same thing over and over all day long. At some point, your brain becomes detach from the work and you do the job by muscle memory.  Well, that can […]

A Pinch Of Salt

Wherever God has placed you.  You are that pinch of salt to the people around you.  You are the one that God uses to give taste and flavor to life. You are the one that gives a sweet scent to the senses of life around those people. And you are […]

Who To Blame

  If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception you will notice that as the bride and the groom stand by their wedding cake. The bride will cut a piece of cake and put it in the groom’s mouth. It’s a time of joyful, playful, celebration. Also, it shows trust […]

Value of a Touch

 Touch is a part of our everyday life. We wake up with touch and go through our day with touch; we go to bed with touch. Touch is how we communicate with others, how we gain an understanding of the world around us. It is a part of our existence […]

Broken Vessel

We will face many challenges; some we will easily overcome and move on and be better for it. But, other challenges will change the landscape of your life. It may be in the form of a loved one passing, the challenge may come out of nowhere and take your health […]

No Longer a Servant pt1

God is saying that you will no longer call me a king and no longer be my servant. I will change that relationship with you. You will no longer kneel before me or bow before me. You will stand before me and speak with me face to face. You have […]

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