The Nine Gifts Part 1 “Faith or Works?”

The Nine Gifts
The Nine Gifts
The Nine Gifts Part 1 "Faith or Works?"

In this series, I will be briefly touching on the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit found in 1st Corinthians 12: 7-11.  These gifts/abilities come with supernatural power and authority. I will address why they have been given to us and how they should be used.  Both in the spiritual application and the practical application.

Here in part one, I will talk about should we live by Faith or Works before moving on to the nine gifts.

As Christians, we exist in two worlds. This natural world and the spiritual world. We exist and occupy the same place in time (the natural) and (the spiritual). Existing together in both realities at the same moment.   

We are all familiar with this natural world and the reality of this existence. It’s the spiritual world that is a mystery to us and how to exist in that reality.  

We can exist in both realities at the same time, moving back and forth as needed to fulfill our destiny and our calling. 

In scripture, the apostle James speaks to these two realities, and he does it this way. The apostle James calls the spiritual reality, living by faith. He calls the natural reality living by works, also known as deeds. He explains that we cannot be complete if we live in only one of these realities. If we choose to only live in one reality then we die to the purpose of our true existence.  

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