No Longer a Servant

Sunday Sermon Burst
Sunday Sermon Burst
No Longer a Servant
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No Longer a Servant
John 15:9-17

God is saying that you will no longer call me a king and no longer be my servant. I will change that relationship with you. You will no longer kneel before me or bow before me. You will stand before me and speak with me face to face. You have been called for this moment in history. Are you ready?

One thought on “No Longer a Servant

  1. I’m So thankful to know I can really be a friend.. I’m a friendless person in the world, it’s been this way my WHOLE LIFE, so to know that you are saying he can be my friend..
    I shared a lot of my Bible book knowledge, at one time, but the hurts I e had, I e always just wanted a “friend”, & I never fit w a man, so I’ve never been a bride, so after ALL THESE YEARS, IM HEARING THIS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, the Lord is Good 🕊️🌈🙏🏼 Amen

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