Hearing The Voice Of God?

Sunday Sermon Burst
Sunday Sermon Burst
Hearing The Voice Of God?

This podcast goes out all over the world and into many different countries. Many pastors, preachers, prophets have faltered recently because instead of hearing God’s words they heard God’s voice. They leaned on what has worked for them all these years, what has been tried and tested. They know the voice of God. But they didn’t hear the words of God. The same miracle, the same prophetic word but the instructions God gave were different.

So, this can happen when we become comfortable with God. We hear His voice but we stop hearing His words. We go by what we have done in the past, what we have experienced. What has been tried and tested? We know God’s voice but are we still hearing God’s words? Are you still hearing God’s words?  


Incoming call from God

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