About The Language Of God

It began in the summer of 1996 on a Saturday afternoon at my home in Detroit, Michigan. I was caught up into a vision and taken to the Mountain of God. As I stood there I could see the unending creation of Heaven. To my right, I could see the City of God at the bottom of the mountain; I saw beautiful buildings and homes, people, full of life walking through the streets. There were two angels, taller than the city walls that paced back and forth throughout the streets, guarding the city. As I looked on, I saw a crystal blue sea flowing along one side of the city, stretching out towards the throne of God. As I took in this incredible scenery, a person came walking towards me from the Throne of God. As they approached me, I began to receive knowledge and understanding of who they were…..In what is called the spiritual realm we are able to know and be known. ( This is the best way I can explain what happens next.)
As the person drew closer and came to stop at arm’s length in front of me, Knowledge began to fill my mind and thoughts of who this person was, it was Christ the Savior. I could not see His face or make out eye color, hair color, or skin tone all I could make out was the form of a human person. The person began to speak to me without words. Only thoughts, emotions, knowledge, understanding, experiences passed between us. It was a powerful communication that words could not compare to. As we began to share our thoughts I knew His name to be Wisdom and I would know Him as Wisdom. Wisdom began to teach me The Language Of God. What seems like lifetime experiences passing between our thoughts were just moments, all happen within a breath. The knowledge, understanding, experiences, and emotions of the language of God were placed in me. I lived a lifetime and breath in a moment the language of God and experience that God’s language creates when it is spoken. It creates Life where this is death, Hope where this is hopelessness, a Way where there is no way. Since that time I have studied and increase in knowledge and prepared myself to share what I have learned. I continue to be taught by Wisdom and now I desire to share with those who are willing to listen and learn The Language Of God.

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