About Me

My name is Estefan De La Cruz I was born in Texas. I am a Bio-Med engineer by trade. I have been in this field since 1999. While I do enjoy working on cutting edge medical technology and the high-pressure pace of the job I believe what I was called to do, is encourage, teach, and share with people the hope that is found in speaking the language of God.  I come from humble beginnings, my family Immigrated here from Mexico four-generation ago. They were migrants workers and worked the farms and fields during the summers.  During the fall and winter my grandfather pastor a very small church encouraging and helping people live a better life. And So I’m from a family of preachers and teachers of the ancient scriptures we call the bible. Over the years I have been a minister, teacher, worship leader, youth district leader, and men’s ministry leader. All this after my day job was done. In the 2000’s I broadcast over the radio the language Of God in the Detroit area in Michigan. My Scientific side incorporates the logical side of life and I enjoy using our great technologies, while my Spiritual side embraces the behind the scene hand of God moving in our lives.  I’ve worked at bringing both these sides together and showing others how to speak the language of God.  More about me,  I also like to watch sci-fi movies and tv shows. I like to read and listen to audible books while I drive. I enjoy reading “true history”, stories about overcoming the odds, also detective mysteries, and the ancient scriptures. I’m an accomplished guitarist and enjoy creating short videos and animation. I enjoy fishing when I have the chance, oh yeah and I like to play video games (strategy mostly). I believe you will enjoy listening to the podcast as I share with you how to live and speak the language of God. Let’s walk the Path.

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