Sunday Sermon Bursts

Stairway leading up to heavenly sky

The words in scripture are filled with Power and Authority to use in our everyday lives. Bringing together the Practical/ the Physical with the Spiritual/ the supernatural. Bringing Faith and Works/Deeds together.

We have forgotten that the words found in the scripture can create life and change destinies. They can raise the dead, heal the sick, and change the course of history. The Nine Gifts of The Holy Spirit.

Those who choose to know God in the spirit, the supernatural we think of them as strange, weird. We want nothing to do with them. We distance ourselves from them and don’t acknowledge them as followers of Jesus.

What is interesting is that followers of Jesus have moved away from knowing God in the supernatural. The people of this world the unbelievers have moved towards knowing more of the supernatural. You can see this today in our movies, music, and books. Stories, songs of everyday humans being gifted with supernatural powers to save the world and yes even the universe. These superheroes with their great power and abilities go around doing great deeds and miracles. These fictional superheroes have powers that come from fictional means such as super science, alien technology, and radiation experiments that have gone wrong, some of these superheroes are straight out of witchcraft and they are not ashamed of it. Others are looking for aliens from other planets to come and save them and bring them the answers to life.

Yet the people of this world are not ashamed of these superheroes they have made up. They do not distance themselves from them, but they embrace them and lift them up as if anything was possible. They dress themselves up in costumes and embrace their heroes by gathering and role-playing.

 Now the people of God behave much differently and are shamed to mention that God can heal or that God has the power to perform miracles. If you speak or even mention the power of God, you are considered crazy.  Few ever speak of the supernatural powers that come from the nine gifts of the Spirit of God. Because that is too strange and too weird. Powers like the ability to heal the sick, the ability to know the future, or the ability to do miracles. Yes, these powers are too weird for us to have. We are more comfortable with Zombies, vampires, witches, werewolves, aliens, robots, androids, and so on. But spiritual powers like the Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit of God, Nah that’s too weird. Those people are crazy! That’s not possible.

There are millions of people that desire to know more about the supernatural. The stories these movies share, none of it is real but the world is eating it up as if it were possible. That desire drives them to create worlds for themselves to dress up in costumes and live in these made-up worlds. They encourage one another and say it’s all possible.

While the people of God continue to ignore the powerful gifts and authority they have been given. Instead choosing to do only practical things and living a practical life (methods effective in real circumstances).

Without using the power and authority they have been given.  Remember we who are followers of Jesus have been given access to these powers.

You have been given access to the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy Sunday Sermon Bursts!

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