What Do I Do With This, Again?

Sunday Sermon Burst
Sunday Sermon Burst
What Do I Do With This, Again?

Today I want to talk about remembering, And the power that comes from It. 

Ever work at a repetitive job? Where you do the same thing over and over all day long. At some point, your brain becomes detach from the work and you do the job by muscle memory. 

Well, that can happen to us in life. We get up, get dressed, eat and head to work. Then we head home, get done what we have to do, head to bed. Then we start it all over again the next day.  This goes on for weeks, months, years. Many of us at some point detach from our lives the everyday routine, and we just go thru the motions, not really living anymore. Just muscle memory. Just another day. 


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It’s not about how many times you fall, It’s about the time you stood back up and pressed into the fight.

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