Who To Blame

Sunday Sermon Burst
Sunday Sermon Burst
Who To Blame


If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception you will notice that as the bride and the groom stand by their wedding cake. The bride will cut a piece of cake and put it in the groom’s mouth. It’s a time of joyful, playful, celebration. Also, it shows trust between the bride and the groom. It usually turns out to be messy and fun. 

I brought this image into your remembrance because I want to speak about Adam and Eve so long ago. In the book of Genesis chapter 3: 12 – 13. There is a similar circumstance happening where Eve brings fruit for Adam to eat. She lifts the fruit towards Adam and says to him Eat. Seems innocent, right?  

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It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about the time you stood back up and pressed into the fight.

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