Language Just The Beginning

What is the language of God?
Have you ever had the desire to speak another language, to experience another culture? How exciting it would be to speak and live among another culture. To completely understand what they say and know why they live the way they live. Now imagine learning the language that God speaks. The language of God is the language that God spoke at the beginning of creation.
A language that created all that exists, a language that brings life where there is death, a language that brings Hope where there is hopelessness. What an incredible relationship that would be. To have the ability to speak God’s language and for you to understand completely every word, you understand God’s culture.
The very language that created all that exists. God’s language is more than words, It’s the very essence, the intrinsic culture of God. When God speaks, God doesn’t use words as we do. Real-life experiences are passed to you and you live every thought, every feeling, every emotion, every taste, down to every breath. The thoughts of God are created in your own thoughts and become a part of your soul as if you lived that event. They become part of your existence. When God speaks, He creates a new life, new hope, and a new existence that was not there before. Now imagine if you spoke God’s language, not your own.
Just imagine!! what would happen!
Come and learn the language of God.

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