Friend of God Part 3 3rd Relationship Defined

The Language Of God
The Language Of God
Friend of God Part 3 3rd Relationship Defined

What is the friend of God and who is the friend of God? Where did this relationship come from and how do you become the friend of God?
If You Go on the internet, or Facebook and search, friend of God, you will find a lot of people that call themselves the friend of God.
Many apply the human understanding of what a friend is, but as you know here at the language of God, we look at this from the culture of God and God’s language as He uses the word friend.
It’s much different than when the world uses the word friend.

In this series the culture of God 101 I will be teaching on four relationships that exists in scripture.
The King / Servant
The Father / Child
The Friend of God -In This Podcast
The Bridegroom and the Bride of Christ
These four relationships are the foundation for the culture of God. As you understand how to live and walk in each relationship you will have a greater understanding of the language of God.

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