Where the Mountains Go part 2 Have Faith in God

Can you live without faith……………….. NO!

According to your faith be it done onto you”. Did you hear that??????…….It’s up to you what will be done.!  It’s the capacity of faith that you have that limits you or sets you free to be the person you were called to be!  You have a say in it, its your faith. And did you know that Faith is the currency of Heaven!

Where the Mountains Go Part 4_ Believe in your words

Why is it so difficult to see things changing in my life when I speak the language of God?
Do you believe in the words you’ve just spoken?
Do you trust God with your life?
Are you commanding the mountains to move?
Have you forgiven?
The one thing all these have in common is Doubt!
Believe in your words!

Intro The Language Of God

How these relationships connect you with God and how God connects with you in through these four relationships.Unitl you learn to speak The Language Of God. The King / Servant, The Father / Child, The Friend of God, The Bridegroom / Bride of Christ.

The King and Servant Part 1 _ The 1st Relationship Defined

Now today we have romanticized the servant role in the scriptures. In fact, we have stories, of noble and honorable servants. Preforming deeds for there master’s and their Kings.
Today in our century this is how we see and define a servant in the scriptures. Noble and honorable. A position to aspire to and to desire. But it wasn’t that way in the beginning.

My Mother in-law the Greatest

This past Sunday February the 2nd my mother in-law Connie Malacusky passed away. She was 72 years old and in good health. She was the greatest Mother in-law in the world. I will miss her. I will return next week with a new podcast as I continue the culture of […]

My Mother in-law the Greatest – Her Eulogy

Sunday, February the 2nd my mother-in-law Connie Malacusky passed away. She was 72 years old and in good health. She was the greatest Mother-in-law in the world. I will miss her. It was my honor to give the Eulogy. I share this moment with my regular listeners, I hope you […]

Friend of God Part 1 3rd Relationship Defined

What and who is the friend of God? Where did this relationship come from and how do you become the friend of God? If You Go on the internet, or Facebook and search, friend of God, you will find a lot of people that call themselves the friend of God. […]

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