What Do I do With This, Again?

Have you ever stood there in the shower, with the hair shampoo in your hand, and wondered if you already shampoo your hair or you were about to shampoo your hair? Ever been there? Today I want to talk about remembering, And the power that comes from It. I’ll talk about two things […]

A Pinch Of Salt

Wherever God has placed you.  You are that pinch of salt to the people around you.  You are the one that God uses to give taste and flavor to life. You are the one that gives a sweet scent to the senses of life around those people. And you are […]

Mother’s Day

Remember Mom this Mother’s Day. They are your friend when no one else will be, they believe in you when others have given up on you. I remember my mother and my mother-in-law and how great these women affected my life. They helped, encouraged, and kept me believing I could […]

The Age Of The Hunters Part 4

I introduce a new series called — The Age of The Hunters In 2019 I was given this teaching by the Holy Spirit- The Age of the Hunter. As I began to develop this teaching The Age Of the Hunters We enter the worldwide Corona Pandemic. It has become a […]

The Gift of Faith Excerpt

This excerpt is for those of you who would like to know what you get when you become a member of Premier Access.  What you get “You learn How the gifts operate, how to use them in your life, and when to use”.  If you are interested in learning how they work, how […]

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