The Father / Child Relationship Part 1

The Language Of God
The Language Of God
The Father / Child Relationship Part 1
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Learn what it is to be a child of God. We have been taught that as a child of God, we are helpless toddlers. This is not the way it should be. We are to be grown adults able to lead and work in our Father’s business. As children of God, we must clothe ourselves in our Father’s authority and power. We take command wherever we are sent. Having the mind of Christ, we are to change this world! That is a Child of God.
Are you a toddler in this relationship, or are you a mature Son/Daughter working with your Father? Come and find out.
In this series, the culture of God 101, I will be teaching four relationships that exist in scripture.
The King / Servant
The Father / Child- In this Podcast
The Friend of God
The Bridegroom and the Bride of Christ
These four relationships are the foundation for the culture of God. As you understand how to live and walk in each relationship, you will have a greater understanding of the language of God.

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